Model answers 2

Example; the pregnant woman with low grade fever and productive cough. The direct sputum examination revealed positive AFB.

Disclose the nature of the illness to the pregnant woman. Educate her on the cause, mode of transmission of the disease and that the disease is curable. Complete a TB patient treatment card.
Prescribe short course chemotherapy regimen for new TB cases. I Will substitute Ethambutol for Streptomycin. Reasons: She has not taking any anti tuberculosis drugs, since onset of the disease. It is forbidden to prescribe Streptomycin for a pregnant woman to avoid the possibility of hurting the growing foetus.
I will educate the woman about the treatment prescribed thus:
  • type of drugs and their dosages
  • duration of treatment
  • side effects of drugs
  • importance of regular intake of her drug
  • the schedule of her follow up sputum examination.

In addition if the patient lives within walking distance Iwill instruct her to come to the clinic daily for two months to take her drugs under supervision. If not, I will discuss with her with a view to arranging how the daily intake of her drugs will be effected. Furthermore she will be advised to report to the clinic anytime she feels unwell.