We are pleased to acknowledge the financial support for writing this small booklet and preparing it for the Internet by NLR (Netherlands Leprosy Relief) in Amsterdam. Daan Ponsteen and Bert Zielhuis believe in active learning and with their impetus this project on Problem Based Learning (PBL) got on his feet.

Several training institutions allowed the introduction of PBL and discussed the value of it with us. We owe special thanks to the staff of the National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Centre in Zaria and Mrs Dr Sofola of the Federal Ministry of Health in Lagos, Nigeria for their tremendous support.

In Ethiopia Dr Groenen and Dr A Krisnan supported us to discuss PBl in the Training Division ALERT, Addis Ababa. Dr Krisnan showed us how an intelligent case study writer he is. We thank him for the consent to use some of these in this booklet.

At PLKN, the National Training Centre in Makkasar Indonesia, we were able to discuss PBL step by step. With the help of Dr Rosmini, Dr Kurnia and Dr Norma we were able to conduct several training programmes on PBL.

In Thailand Dr Krisada and Ineke Petter were our partners. They were both excellent facilitators of PBL during the workshops. Our special thanks are for Ineke for all her effort to make sure that everybody understands and her critically look at the learning materials.

Dr Reddy from the Training Centre in Madras, India was a real advocate of the active learning and PBL Method. We appreciate this enthusiasm.

Rogier Gerritsma was our computer facilitator at home. In preparing learning materials, drafts of this booklet, drawings, and tables he spent hours and hours to help us. To develop the webside for this subject was his idea and his effort. We thank him very much for this strong support.

May 2001, The Authors